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Women Who Dream

30 Stories to Inspire Big Beliefs and Big Dreams

Women Who Dream is to inspire women in all walks of life. It's meant to show the truth that "having it all" is all in how you interpret that phrase.  Success takes many forms.  It's much more than money in the bank.  It's the lives you touch, the impact you make, the people you inspire, and the satisfaction you feel at the end of a chapter in life.

Sue's story in Women Who Dream will also serve as a sequel for those who read her first book, Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?.


It Starts with Trust

The last decade has truly been an adventure for Sue and her family. The goal of starting her own mortgage company was the backdrop of Sue's daily activities while developing her career and raising her children. It all required determination, grit, and lots of caffeine.

"I have learned to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable. This can catapult you to another level of success."

Trusting in yourself and others just may be the most important key to success.  That doesn't mean that everything will go exactly as you plan; it means believing that everything will be okay in the end.

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Please purchase for yourself, a friend, or a colleague.  It's filled with inspiring stories that will provide a fresh perspective on success, careers, love and life.

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